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                                                                           Is this the beginning of a road or the end?
                                                                                No need to fear the right way is here
                                                                                Decreasing anxiety is the way we go!

                                                                This is a part of the forget me not presence of the Lord

                                                        We can develop armor to protect ourselves with this kind of wisdom

 Proverbs 1:20-33
20. Wisdom calls aloud outside; she raises her voice in the open squares.21. She cries out in the chief concourses, at the openings of the gates in the city She speaks her words: 22. “How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge. 23. Turn at my rebuke; surely I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you. 24. Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out my hand and no one regarded, 25. Because you disdained all my counsel, and would have none of my rebuke, 26. I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, 27. When your terror comes like a storm and your destruction comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you. 28. “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently, but they will not find me. 29. Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord, 30. They would have none of my counsel and despised my every rebuke. 31. Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled to the full with their own fancies. 32. For the turning away of the simple will slay them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them; 33. But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.”


Please learn to heal and stop the actions of harming self and others. Everyone is somehow in pain and the worse part of it that wants to harm others can stop. We can all experience happiness when we learn to accept God’s wisdom.

Statistically, Cleveland has not been “all in” as it relates to violence in the streets because of police harming innocent civilians as other cities were. That being said, we must not allow outsiders to come into our City and create violence where none exists.

Now that we are on the winning team level as champions, we can keep it going to defeat Satan’s advancements and decrease the percentage of violence at all gatherings.

                                                                 We are Cleveland! We are strong! We accomplish the impossible!

Please learn to heal and stop the actions of killing. Everyone experiences some kind of pain in life, but the worse part of it that wants to harm others can stop.

We are not just tracking the low rate of people creating violence but using this information to decrease their actions even more.

We started with the process of police violence against people in decreasing harm to all.

We are trying to learn to develop a consensus to help decrease the presence of violence at rallies and protests.

We would like to take our hats off to those who have participated in the study of the placement of emotional levels of growth through the use of material that is being offered.

These vehicles have allowed a multitude of people to develop the skills through the preparation for participation in the rallies that have had less negative consequences than other places in the nation.

                                                                                                    We Are On Notice

It seems as if sometimes I have been crying in the wilderness and then the actions plays out as if I am in a dream. I mean the celebration that went on at the downtown location where the Cleveland Cavaliers held there greet and meet parade and rally. I have prayed that it would come to pass without incident. Myself and others were not disappointed, especially the people with all law enforcement agencies. Now how can this be repeated? It is by using the same placement of the city’s good energy that was all that was needed to keep the devil passing by. It wasn’t the first test run of the method of love that showed how we as people can maintain peace at home but the next phase or Act II on the same land mass with larger numbers but with visitors of a somewhat different level of emotion will need us to weigh in with our presence of spiritual wealth, by being a part of the next phase of the living play that gives you a ticket in the book “The Devil Passed Me By”. The book talks about the very area where this event was held before it was chosen; it came out in May of this year. Therefore, if we are “all in,” now is the time for you to show in spirit to see the Lord working his love. Please be in that number.

                                                      This is a Helper It Seems People Don’t Wants to Learn Enough About

If you think you have a problem with people and the political system to a degree where you are willing to harm others and consider yourself a sacrifice for any kind of lord you may have been radicalized and are in need of the wisdom to get free in the book titled The Disconnection of Extremism. That will show you how to following the love of the right Lord out of this kind of darkness that give me trials and tribulations to know the way to show others out.

What is my experience? I have witnessed the spirit of the lost state in people and to a level of wanting to terrorize others. It has affected my life on an earthly level of fear and I personally had to grow out of it to free my presence with a spiritual pathway that I was lead to by the Lord.

Now to get down to the real nuts and bolts every homeland security member, secret service, CIA member needs to know of this kind of teaching to see what they can’t see in a way to not be blinded from the sight of a spiritual light that can be revealed to them with a darkness in it to know more than what meets the eyes and ears and look into the spirit of someone with the blessings that only the Lord can give them to stop to fix some of the dark pathways that someone could be on.

                                                                                                      The Author

I ask all people to not listen to me in the words I write, but listen to the Lord and what he is saying to you. I have only a way to point you he has a way to show you. That way it takes the fear out of a presence that mankind invents to stop you from being with the Lord by yourself. Now he would be there if you let him show a way to know better ways!

Do some people keep running from the devil and running into each other because they are afraid of the truth? If so, not to worry it is time to stop it. The wisdom in the words Bro. Bush writes can help paralyze Satan from using us all.

By Getting this information out it will let the lone wolf terrorists know about the help. It could be a life’s matter concept that they need they can find here.

This website may be some could say this may be a part of the books?.

This helps bring out the best in us and not the beat in us.  

 Please don’t ignore this; it could be the life-saving information that someone needs that we can promote too help the needed. Thank you, Bro. Bush


                                                                                   Your Time is Important:
                                                                   This Brief Information Hopes to Give You
                                                     What You Need to Help You Make up Your Mind to Help

This is a part of the plan the Lord has put together for law enforcement. Your positive energy and your family prayers will be working together as a wall around the protesters who are lost out of reality, who are in the center. Now as the police officers stand guard to protect the innocent civilians and the City from any harm of people or property.

The negativity will get snuffed out peacefully or smoothed out by positive energy and if some of the people in the middle are on the right spiritual level by being enlightened. This can be done with one or more of the books I have to help quench the fire Satan wants to serve up.

The test run for all of this was done last year at what could have been a messy protest. I attended this protest to test the waters with A Peace Offering and it helped cool things off. Why not expect the same results or better because there was not an explosion of violence and chaos and that is what we are stopping through the methodology we are using. Let’s do this. God has given us a plan so let’s make it work. He does not want to do everything for us. He wants us to learn to make a miracle appear in our lifetime. If you say, “what does God have to do with this?” When we make him happy we make ourselves happy!

                                                                                                  Get Yourself in the Right Position

The books for the police are: 1. To and For All Law Enforcement: this is the 24th Helper; 2. A Peace Offering for the People and the Police; and 3. The Devil Passed Me By.

The books for the people are: 1. A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at the RNC; 2. A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America!; 2. What’s Going On?; and 3. The Devil Passed Me By.

The books for the politicians are: 1. Ending Political Wars in America; 2. Fixing What is Broken in America by Stopping Towerism; and 3. The Recovery of the U.S. Government (The Beginning).

Finally, the book for all three groups of people is titled, Ending Spiritual Warfare in America!

All of the newer books that are talked about are only available at, search Bro. Tracy Bush. To help the cause more please purchase them from estore. One of the books at this time, the 24th Helper can only be purchased off of the information on the website until further notice – the time when it can be ordered online will be announced soon.

                                      This is truly a peace dance that we can do to stop the nonsense that can take place.

What is the real inside scoop? If we stop the spiritual warfare that is taking place now that creates fear, we win one of the battles. Therefore, when we are confronted with the second earthly one, we are in a better place to have peace and both sides will have the right self-confidence that won’t get out of hand. That way there won’t be a fight, maybe there won’t even be a scrimmage. This will create the scenario and effect of the devil passing the people by. It won’t hurt to read all the books to give your spirit a better way to connect with other people spiritually. This is a part of what love can do for me and you.

Do not be too cheap to change. Pay the cost to be the boss of your spiritual life, with getting the wisdom you need to carry the cross you have to shoulder on your own.

As a nation of people we have to come together more. If we stand together and not divided the real enemy cannot attack us at one of our weakest points. Now is the time to use the pen of wisdom as a sword with two edges; one for Satan and one to keep away the individuals he may send to commit a sin upon the people and land. Together we stand, divided we fall. Try something new, it cannot hurt and look what may be saved, a great American way that we can fix.

This concludes a brief presentation if you have any more time to keep reading it is hoped your time was and will be well spent!


                                                                 Big Jump Up In Life For All In Cleveland, OH
                                                                        We Can Help Philadelphia, Pa Too!!

I am confident that there will be anywhere from a 50%- 70% decrease in potential violence, harm or danger. The more people who join in the more successful things will be.

                                                                                     Always and Forever

The visions for all people to have in their heart: can there only be one saved at any kind of gathering or will Satan take all?

You can suggest or speculate whether this maybe right or wrong but you will have to help by reading into a kind of living goal mind of love. Then act with faith people to get your way out of a kind of hell hole that has been dug for people because of the lack of spiritual wisdom in a process of growth.      

Stopping a child-like towerist is or may be somewhat devilish in a presence that wants to be a greater than life person who is a foolish spirit that has gotten a sickness in them that only the Lord can fix if they let him and no one should ignore them!

The people with towerism are coming to Cleveland and this is a real problem. Are we ready? No, if we do not know how to help them resign themselves to end their problems. This is really what is going on. Fighting with the power of police and jail cells is not the real answer. It is a spiritual fight to be won first and everything else will fix itself. We do this by helping people with towerism take a look at themselves and the baggage they are carrying around and what they have to do to fix it because they are locked into something they do not know about. If we miss this point on unveiling a part of history, it can be left undone forever. The problem that people have is that Satan developed a distraction to take over one’s mind and soul away from the truth to be known and told about people who have harmed others and the world.

The sickness of towerism must be exposed to get it fixed. The smoke screen is madness and sadness Satan keeps using to blind people to the truth. Get the truth, get Satan smoked out of people’s way and stop the conflict and fighting at the same time. Then show prayers work by people exposing the miracles of it all that comes to light.

One of the worse things that can happen is not showing people with towerism how to plant the right seeds in their garden of self to stop the problem they have. Along with this people are to help by first knowing what is going on with this inside scoop of news that says the problem of the people fighting takes away from the process of growth that people have been locked into who are in chains of the government.

We as the people have to do our part and fix some things ourselves to give them a chance to fix themselves. We can learn to stop fighting among one another at this kind of gathering at the RNC or DNC and if they see that it gives them a chance to stop fighting with each other also.

It is like a trickle up affect but we the people must become the leaders and they will follow. The process of a new way of growth is not new but the people forgot to use it. Let the people set a good example at any upcoming protests in Cleveland. The country will stop and see a new pathway out of a kind of hell hole that Satan is trying to continually put us in so we have an outlook as if we are as bad as a part of the rest of the world would like to think we are. Some may have good reason and they see us as terrorists to them. It is only because we have a problem with the people who have towerism.

It is time to mend the brokenness that we have as a people. It is the land of the free and home of the brave that is on the march to do that but we must face up to our own idiosyncrasies or foolish ways first.

Therefore, learn what is needed to stop the bloodshed at home with the heartfelt messages that are here for you. For this event, everyone gets to have a little Mohammed Ali in them being a humanitarian and not a fighter. Are you a part of this new peaceful rising up against Satan that breaks the chain that he puts on people’s soul no matter what color they are? The time has come for a new level of freedom for the American people. I personally gives thanks, saying hallelujah and praise the Lord.

                                                                                              What Great Timing Can Do!

Now is a great time to prevent the beginning of a mountain’s growth that can be turned into a molehill. The thing we are talking about is the element of fear. This is the process of taking the wind out of the sails of a ship that is propelled by the ill winds of ungodliness. If you care anything about the city, the people and the land we live in, join in to help. There is a calling to make this one of the greatest performances that mankind has ever presented to the people in the body of Christ to be witnessed by the heavenly body of the Lord. Therefore, if you are too proud to stand for this, get on your knees and pray for it.

A blueprint has been laid out and an open door casting call is ready for anyone who has a positive outlook to help participate in this process of spiritual growth. It will help eliminate what was building up to be a spiritual war intended to land upon earth through people who had no idea they were going to participate.

How many believe that we are facing a state of what could be a crisis? If you are one, then let it be known if you believe in the power of the Lord, the crisis resulting from the fear some people have, will pass us by and the daytime nightmares that some people have subjected themselves to, through their limited way of thinking, can and will disappear in the name of Jesus, Amen.

To help inform the community at large on all levels in their homes, businesses and on government levels that we have put together a number of flyers, also to inform the body of Christ, the clergy are being notified in order for them to share the good news of the gospel of Christ and the messages of love by way of prevention to stop the ungodliness from happening to the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Now do we have our ducks in order? I say you better believe it; in the name of Jesus. I also have a special request for the leaders in the body, whether it is a pope or whoever can create of message of hope, pastors, reverends, deacons and all who may be in Cleveland, Ohio.

The keys to learning come in different ways I hope that through my being responsible to my calling to writing it give you a place of light to increase your wisdom.

                                                                                                      New News

Taking Notes and Using Wisdom, It is said that sometimes first comes last and last comes first! This is a notice to all people that the Lord has added his presence to help. This way he is known to be No. 24 on the list of helpers.

It may have taken one man to start this but it is going to take many people to help with its success.

This information will systematically decrease the opportunity to fail. It comes from the more you know about something, the better you are able to increase the way you can be successful.

We have looked at some of our situations and come to a conclusion that the positive energy can be raised by a large percentage, also the negative presentation of energy can decrease just as much with the use of the information that is comprised in the books mentioned that were developed by BTHPM. The profiles in the details and facts with outlining information that builds a kind of therapy to awaken a better vision to enhance growth along with the presence of a human on some of their finest levels, reading and studying can get you there.

You may not find everything you want within this information but on the subject at hand but you can find almost everything you need.


What can be the course we all are on? We run into road blocks that stop or slow people down. There are some that are not as bad as others, but if we know of the not so good and have a plan in place that we can call a pre-survivorship to help us keep safe along with sailing along, it is a good thing.

                                                                                                           Big News

There is an almost full-proof way to help stop the fear of what may happen at the RNC other than their business at hand, with the information in the guide.

How do we take on fear? It is by taking on the issues that cause it and challenging them.

What may be the problem with that? You may not want to because you do not know what they are or it is so somewhat crazy you would rather stay away from it or them! I have found out if the issues of a level of people are out on a limb in a way that they cannot pull themselves back in, it is what makes them crazy and if they know you are at least routing for them to get themselves off the limb first, then some of the new development starts to rebuild the presence of a relationship and that sometimes takes courage that only comes by way of the Lord and the use of his wisdom to unite the people who are lost in a kind of bondage that only they are aware of completely.

That is why we pray for our enemies to help give them sight and no we do not mean them harm but we have to protect ourselves from others. More so it may be from us because people are their biggest enemies believe it or not.

Sometimes we are meant to be our own heroes in our lives. However, if we can get the insurance from the blessings of the Lord, we are foolish not to.

This book may be one of the first interactive, living manuscripts that is looking for people to join in, in order to bring about a new level of reality that creates peace.

All of the books have a satisfying platform that it relates upon but it can tie into unification of a process of learning. We as people need to have the understanding of not having any kind of competition about this and the reason why is there is an endless level of thoughts and principles that does not need to go on and on about it. This can be a cut and dry state of moving forward that has no religious presence within to put a ceiling on learning. This is why it is based on a spiritual growth plan.

To all the people if we are going to embrace the future and place truth in it, we need to not continually cut the spiritual activity out of the modern day adventures of our lives. It must be also embraced as a new format that shows it can also supply a need that doesn’t require greed or malice or injustice that has any kind of towerism within its principles.

The consequences are plain as day. The walk to a kind of unified victory is to not just be won for those who may have it all, but for those with little or almost none who are unable to get in where they fit in. Because of their lack, it takes people like us to unstack the odds against them.

The first book I suggest you read is “The Devil Passed Me By”. The next is A Guide To Stop Fear And Prevent Problems At The RNC. The next suggested book is titled, A Peace Offering For The People And the Police. I would hope that all public service individuals would read, Ending Political Wars in America but to get on top of much more in the city to chance our outlook for becoming a greater place to live, read What Is Going On?

The people have made it known that they want answers to what the protectors of the people are going to do to protect the people and the city. They have heard some answers but they still feel they need more.

The wisdom in the books can be used now or later. It doesn’t have a shelf-life that expires. If it is good for one voting process or protesting it can be used for another.

The book titled, The Wisdom to Keep the Blood Blue, that gives people uplifting spirits to help keep America safe will be completed and released in June but the end was put on it to give it a clearer insight for people to use in May 2016.
                                                                                           To the Millennials

The more who knows the more it shows

If people want to know if this makes sense, then there is only one way to know. Check it out.

They say the best is yet to come. Good news: it’s here, All Peoples Handbook. It contains advanced information on how to become a sky chief disciple. This may be one of the few books in the world that help to show people how to use a gift of the Lord’s anointing which enhances What Two Can Easily Do (the Holy Spirit and You). Help stop the people rage problem. It is a staunch indicator that sky chief disciples are needed in America. The overall destruction and violence needs to be extinguished. Need I say more? God has opened the flood gates of peace-filled blessings that are coming in many ways. I cannot say what anyone’s will be but it will be worth it to invest in this way of kingdom building. On a certain level, sky chief disciples can stop a part of trouble from happening with the love of God in you that you can learn you don’t have to question it when you are using it. This is for anyone who would like to give themselves a presence of a saint-like attitude in action. This is a great tool for anyone who already knows what their gift is but need added motivation to put it into action. This may be one of the greatest incentives for those who already know what their gift is but are lacking additional motivation to put it into action.

My People 

To help create deliverance from the fiery arrows and darts that adds discernment to your walk with Christ.

The dunamis (strength or power) spirit needs to be present more and more daily. If you don’t have it you are a kind of kill joy so stop it. The Manifestation of Miracles was presented through a messenger and exploded in Cleveland, Ohio gives witness to this with a clear explanation.

There are a few more books that can help in one way or another. This title reflects a positive message, Calm During the Storm. It is another blessed way to help ride out the storms and give people more hope in America. The next is titled The Devil Passed Me By, that can help show a way out of darkness to give a clear understanding of how they are produced by faith.

Favor: who is it that knows if we can show each other the Lord’s favor if we are made in his image?

Get a Health Check Up with the Lord’s Blessings

When the scandal that we have going on in America ends, where do we begin? Do we know? Yes, by starting ahead of time with these tools. To anyone who may also need the revelation of an anti-Christ prevention you can find the tools for today and the future to use as the right preventive measures of safety.

In closing, happy days may not be here again, yet, but we can cut down on a mountain of sadness and pain by adding more and more love!

Deliver the news to help make an old world new! (eBooks) and Createspace Store (hard copies); search Bro. Tracy Bush

                                                                           A note in honor of Muhammed Ali

 Remember the stream of love is always flowing so get on board and go with the flow!

Now after reading this will the people past this by and not invest because they want to see violence, only time will tell if we are going to be safe from a lot of hell being raised. Now if we combine them all we could have 110%; it ain’t impossible! Now is it time out for an intermission so the impossible can come in to end a catastrophe in the future.

To learn about the work of the previous projects that were done at the Ecumenical House of the Lord with the in-house services that made opportunity available for youth and young adults and provided access to all the books. plus an open discussion period. Now we are planning to re-open again, there will be more material available to study and read to be a blessing to all. To know of more information about how we have been a help to the community.

Please contact, Bro. Tracy Bush via email at, with all questions!    

At the free stamp in downtown Cleveland as a part of the winning team with the B-ball game.           

A Question with an Answer

What is success and who is selfish enough to think they are a successful person and all they really are is a servant? It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you are not in the will of the Lord you are a failure in more than one way that outweigh the counterfeit labels you have placed upon yourself and you will be held accountable for it. All the money you have can’t broker a deal with the Lord to fix it. Pay him now with your love or forget about the hip you have and are making today.

Now we the people can help stop leadership from spreading venom to the other people in the world. This is a place to learn how to turn around this ungodly process that weakens us on a grand scale, to let the world come to another vision of truth that frees us knowing that this plan to rebirth our credibility can be salvaged to come back from the temporary setback that Satan has put us in the USA under.

We can hold these truths to be evident, so we can sow the new seeds of victory as American people who can clear our conscience and put our spiritual wellness in a healthier state of growth.

The opportunity is open to not let the blessings we are afforded by the Lord and our hard work from falling by the wayside. All the world can bear witness to: all men are not created equally when it comes down to what some feel is right and it is wrong. The presence beyond the power of the positive thinking it is an omen to just do the right things.

This is not just a millennial affair. It is a re-establishment of our homeland that is undergoing growing pains. These pains can be an easier experience if we listen to all true heartfelt messages.

We have all the right tools in order to face the new process of growth that has created a temporary setback because of nothing you have with matter later that I guarantee. Therefore, for some it is time to swallow that bitter pill that can plant a seed of a new level of life.

We can do something about the consequences we are facing because of decisions we’re not making. We will not fret: we can face them head on to solve them and even head off the wrong returns they offer.