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Hello and welcome: this website may be a little old school but we would like you to consider this a pre-holiday event from Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries

Since this month of October is abuse prevention month, I would like to make a way to help people help themselves. If anyone who has the tendencies to want to hurt someone in a relationship I will make available at least 200 copies of Why Most Marriages and Relationships Fail, that can help stop problems at home and give Godly wisdom free to anyone for the asking with the purchase of Time to Stop the Abuse (whether mental, physical, verbal or sexual) It go hand in hand with the other book.

                                                                                          Think about it

To anyone who purchases Why Do Black Men Harm each Other more than Others? you can get a free copy of For Men Only or A Calling to Become Watchmen for God or To the New Wise Men (your choice) free. There will be a limit of 100 free copies made available.

What is the plan to help people understand the consequences of the re-election of the 45 president? Information to people in an eBook will be available so the whole USA can get a copy if the word gets out, hopefully with the help of the people. Also the word will be spread through social media, radio, television, internet. I am asking people to help spread the news.

The good news that is hoped to be shared is the new eBook to move people to vote. It tells a truth you may not get anywhere else in the book titled The Silver Lining of the 45th President. It reveals how his own silver lining sticks on him about his towerism. It gives an example of why he raised the level on the GPTSD aka Governmental Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It has some of the American people feeling like they are being waterboarding in a way. The information gives a way out for them through a presence of spiritual therapy.

The following books will be sold at $5.00 off purchase price (this will be for the first 100 copies sold of each book):

1. Freedom from Satan’s Zone
2. New Added Protection for the Development of Teens and Young Adults at Risk
3. Broken Needle/Shattered Stem
4. Time to Stop the Abuse
5. A Message from the Word
6. All Peoples Handbook

These books are timeless.

This will be in effect until the end of the year 2018.

Now what this ministry does is help to rebuild the people who are in need of help on many levels as you see in the wisdom in the books.

This is a time that we need to create sales to keep the publishing ministry moving forward to be able to bring forth the new books.

Any and all books available for discount purposes, send check or money order to Tracy Bush, BTHPM, Post Office Box 605053, Cleveland, Ohio 44105.

                                               How Many People Are Working In Fire And Don’t Know
                                                  They are Setting Themselves up For A Hell of a Fall

This book is a harvest of peace that helps to stop a part of the social evils that take place in the crime-ridden society of the USA. It reflects on the government and its past that depicts both combining the Vietnam War and Watergate with an emphasis on the GPTSD that causes some people to feel like they are being water-boarded and left out.

This illness can stop as the towerists end and the loveoutaus process begins. Timeout for the government’s post-traumatic stress disorder that harms the American people on all levels, whether it is just one or millions.

The process of people knowing that one day the world will go into the rapture is more than enough that the people of the world will live with because so many people don’t want to face that and we don’t need to look at the government as a state of the rapture as some other countries are doing now.

Now have we gotten to the bottom of the fact that maybe towerists are the biggest unknown partners to Satan’s sin-factory that produces a deadly disease that mames, wounds and kills more people than all of the world’s diseases combined but the facts are in and a big hallelujah can come out of everyone’s mouth. We can overcome the big one that now can be seen to
stop lots of madness and sadness with the loveoutaus.

The book breaks down sin that is tied into politics. It is hidden in darkness in high places (that stands for anything tied into towerism). It is finally ready for you. The question is are you ready for it?

This may be one of the most powerful books that has come out since Kanye Mess, oh I meant West opened his big mouth at the White House, to let him know he should keep quiet. This can be agreed upon by many different kinds of people.

Usually as a minister I am not a betting man but I bet if K.W. read the book The Silver Lining of the 45th President he might be quiet and go somewhere and write a song or continue to act like he is going to crack his bulb.

To anyone who is interested in more information, please email ( or just tweet me @tracyebush3. This will ensure that enough people get the exposure to the book.