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                                                    BOUND TO HEAVEN PUBLISHING/MINISTRIES

Below is a list of the books that bound to heaven publishing/ministries has completed for the edification of humankind.

                                                                         THE SHATTERED STEM
No one is able to play with fire without getting burnt. The disruption of committing one’s self to a substance that leads to a gravity level that pulls them down is unfair. Unchain yourself from any type of bondage without destroying your will power. There is success after the experiment or experience with any substance abuse. From crack to smack (heroin), eliminate it all!

                                                             SAVE YOURSELF FROM SUICIDE
Do not sue yourself for being alive when eternity is around the corner. Here is an insurance policy that will last throughout eternity. Never forget the devil will not pay for your funeral. Do not give him an opportunity to be present at your funeral.

                                                                  TIME TO STOP THE ABUSE
                                                    (TO YOURSELF, YOUR SPOUSE OR A CHILD)
The only reason why people abuse each other is because the devil puts up a smoke screen to blind someone’s mind to the burden removing, yoke destroying power of god. Take it down with the knowledge that has been placed in this book. Learn to pause. Prevent abuse; use self-esteem. This book provides a spiritual approach to healing and self-help. The reader is taught how to implement a prevention and rehabilitation program that is their own. It contains more than 14 therapeutic self-help exercises to stop mentally, physically, verbally and sexually abusive behavior.

                                                             KALEIDOSCOPE OF KNOWLEDGE
It is small, but complete in its message. This book will help teens to think and keep their priorities on high. It gives a responsible presence to understanding Christian ethics. A message to help someone grow up in today’s society. It states that common sense goes a long way. Inspires young men to keep their pants up.

                                                              LITTLE MR. FIX-A-THOUGHT
A bonus thought for a child, because they come first. This is a little book with a big bite that not only shows a child love for a day, it teaches a child more ways to create self-love for a lifetime. Children should be aware they possess their very own heavenly creation sent directly to them by god in order to give them foresight and help them fix the things that break from early on in their lives and give them an ounce of prevention for a lifetime of cures.

                                                         Why Do Most Marriages & Relationships Fail
The downfall of most relationships comes from people being unequally yoked. This process has repercussions in the growth status that people go through that creates division because of no spiritual presence to develop a holistic lifestyle as two are joined together. The presence of other elements of negativity intrudes and the fall of the union becomes diversified to the point where it ends.

                                                                            FREEDOM FROM SATAN’S ZONE
To become free from Satan’s zone, you have to know that you are there. This book can save you a possible jail or hell sentence and help you come out and stay out of any negative zones that may cause destruction to yourself or others. This book can help people stop gang activity, killing, stealing, robbing, raping, abusing and destroying their lives or the lives of others. It is time to find a way out of Satan’s traps with god’s wisdom. Any of us can be living in a fool’s paradise and not know it. This book can and will make and help anyone know the difference in order to get out of whatever zone belonging to Satan they are in.

                                                                          A MESSAGE FROM THE WORD
Gain a greater understanding of God’s promise and receives the ability to walk boldly up into the bible so you better understand the truth about life. Anyone who receives this message will gain an understanding of a church without walls. Learn to acquire vision of transportation in order to create a vision of transformation in your life. This book can create a breakthrough for those who do not feel a need to fellowship within the body of Christ.

                                            WHAT TWO CAN EASILY DO? THE HOLY SPIRIT & YOU
                                                                           (YOU SHOULD KNOW)
This book gives anyone an opportunity to grow their spirit to a level of being able to receive an anointing or gift as a blessing to be shared with all. Words cannot give meaning enough to this book; it has to be read in order to be experienced.

                                                                                              FOR MEN ONLY
I have been inspired to write about the necessity for men to realize the importance of their children in their lives, even though they may not have them living with them.

                                                                      DO NOT SHORTCHANGE YOURSELF
For as long as man has existed shortchanging of god and humankind has also existed. This book addresses the need to stop the madness of disallowing blessings from god to flow in your life.

                                                                                  DO NOT FEAR THE WATER
This book gives insight for freeing the negative thought processes of being baptized. Learn how to get out of bondage and darkness to see this new light to grow greater in your walk with Jesus. Don’t fear the water, you won’t get burned (and if you do, you will be sterilized too!).

                                                                       A CROWN FOR KINGS AND QUEENS
This is the 14th writing by Tracy it was written to be a crown that gives insight to the shearing of the wolves’ wool that we as sheep of god need to shed. It is presented not as a book but as a crown for people to understand that along with the crown, comes revelation to assist them. We will call this writing one of Jesus’ helpers to assist people to not fear the shears because they are necessary to rid them of the wool in order for the real beauty within all people to show.

                                                             A CALLING TO BECOME WATCHMEN FOR GOD
Learn how to become a guard for god using the true fountain of youth. There is no need for anyone to think of this concept as a far-away journey that some people search the world for when it is within their reach every day. Learn how to become an owner of something that is priceless for a mere pittance.

                                                                                TO THE NEW WISE MEN
This book was written to help the church learn how to bridge the gap between the people inside and the people outside the church to develop one accord.

                                                               TIME TO STOP LIVING ON THE EDGE
Everyone experiences the edge at some point in their lives. Learn how to recognize the edge so that you will know when you are dangerously close to it because a large number of people pull others, usually the innocent along with them. Learn to become equipped with the necessary tools to keep you far away from the edge. Now is the time for you to become and remain bound to Heaven? Then you can say “I do not like to live on the edge baby!

                                                                                    A GIFT FOR YOU
There is no manual for parenting. However, there is a need for parents to know how to provide the very best information to their children in order for the children to be protected while in the world. This little book will assist parents in protecting God’s gift which is inside the children.

                                       THE NEW ADDED PROTECTION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF
                                                                TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS AT RISK
This book was written for those teens and young adults who not only have no protection (because of a lack of direction) but also those who don’t have enough protection and direction.

                                                                                  A DISCIPLE MAKER
Making disciples out of ordinary people: this book teaches people how to be led to become a disciple. This process gives one the sight to see with more than just two eyes; believe it or not.

                                                        HOW TO LIVE WITH LESS AND GAIN MORE
This book is a guide from god for the people to teach them to regain a new standard as a leader of the free world once again that will bridge the gap between the people and put the country back in the black so the offspring of our offspring will not have to be cursed by a debt from this generation. This book provides a way to understand what level you may be placed on in Heaven. However, where you end up at can only be determined by what you do in the body of Christ on earth.

                                   WHY DO BLACK MEN HARM EACH OTHER MORE THAN OTHERS?
                                                                     (THE CAUSE AND THE CURE)
A beginning to an end of a problem that has plagued the African American people that prepares some non-believers to a higher level of wisdom supplied by the Lord in the book why do Black men harm each other more than others? That can bless anyone today. This information is for any household with young adults in it who are in pain for whatever reason. All homes need this like the Israelites needed lamb’s blood over the door of their home because of pharaoh’s decree of death to all of their first born. The lamb’s blood was the Lord’s protection to the home. This is for all mankind.

                                                                      ALL PEOPLES HANDBOOK
A process of acquiring a spiritual handbook within your heart that the Lord uses for the purpose of growing an individual spirituality. The information within this book will help provide and enhance spiritual skills. Even more so, this book takes off to another level to guide people to a way to receive the gift that the Lord has for them. Become a sky chief disciple to make the world a better place.

                                                   THE UNWOUNDING OF U.S. SERVICE MEN and WOMEN
Suicide is currently a large problem among U.S. service people. This book is designed to help decrease the numbers in a big way. It is a new level of love to be found within its pages for those who risk life and limbs to protect this country.

                                                   THE RECOVERY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT
                                                           THE POWER OF KNOWING “NO”
Help to renew this land of milk and honey with the endowed forces of positivity. Help raise the conscious awareness of America's political system. The unfolding of a challenge that we are facing which is the result of towerism that can be removed from our society. A prosperous nation is a happy one. We are the melting pot of the world so why not create a greatness in a new way that all nations will want to follow.  A book to help the government, the wealthy and all other Americans by giving insight on how to rebuild the infrastructure of the complete country inside and out of the USA not completely needed but you could read how to live with less also. This book is somewhat a part two on another level without saying it. 

                                                               THE DISCONNECTION OF EXTREMISM
Help renew a spiritual level of existence, to help eradicate terrorism on an individual level, and attack the entire realm of terrorism in the world. This information will help people understand how to stop others from becoming radicalized by morbid concepts which are presented to them in appealing ways.

                                                      A PEACE OFFERING FOR THE POLICE AND THE PEOPLE
Within the forerunner there are the basics of a partial outline of the book which gives a healthy dose of the understanding of how the book develops a new pattern of love and respect. That can be found with wisdom that is written in laymen format to think outside of the box on both levels. We can learn to level the playing field between the police and the people they are commissioned to serve and protect. This book will provide help for both parties to learn to work and live together in harmony. That is where police and people must come from so we can all meet in the center with a new kind of mutual agreement that leads to freedom that we never knew but we can be thankful for.

The following books are available for purchase at Createspace.com (hard copy) or Amazon.com (ebook):

A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at The RNC
This book gives the process of elimination that comes from breaking down fear. This will stop Satan from creating confusion in people, and bring fear to its lowest denominator to make it disappear. Bro. Bush b.k.a. a peacemaker, is breaking down fear and raising the level of peace to create an ounce of faith...

To and For All Law Enforcement
This book is a part of a plan to help assure the success at the activities surrounding the upcoming RNC. Do not judge it by its size, because it has a way to take a big bite out of crime. There is a process of two dimensions of thinking a person can grow into within this manual. One is the information for the...

What's Going On?
The book brings landmarks back to the forefront of the people of Cleveland, such as the Sidaway Bridge and the only waterfall in Cleveland, Ohio. It takes the dark side of the Kingsbury Run murders and places hope on one day stopping this kind of madness. The book is a challenging read that develops insight...

A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America!
This was written to apply love to anyone that will complete their character change within from the beginning until the completion. We have taken the burn out of the burn. At Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries, we have retooled anyone to help put a wrench in the plans Satan has to rain down on the RNC with...

Ending Political Wars in America
The country is in the process of regenerating its stability to become a part of the "now" generation and future generations to come. We have been lacking in our own selves as individuals with the wrong kind of perceptions of growth. Now we can accomplish much more if we learn how to discontinue the...

Fixing What is Broken in America By Stopping Towerism
This book will help show more than one way for the president to fix the unbalance he has within from his personal problem. A problem whose time has come to address, that will aid big in the recovery of the U.S.A., in all private sectors of business levels and the government. This book helps assure that the people who live and vote get the best civil servant they can in the elected office to serve within the governing body, by...

"The Devil Passed Me By"
In times of trouble what is a likely thing to happen? The devil steps in to wage war against people. If we don't know how he does this, we will fall into a deeper trap. That is why we need to learn how to take charge of our lives as the Lord wants us to. This will cause the devil to pass us by. Learn this for...

Ending Spiritual Warfare in America
For anyone who needs to understand how to not get involved in a dilemma of principals that are developed on the dark side of reality that can get you trapped and caught up in a function of fiction. It may not seem real at the time but it can cause deadly harm to anyone who falls prey to it. Learn to not fight...

Broken Needle – Shattered Stem
No one is able to play with fire without getting burnt. The disruption of committing one’s self to a substance that leads to a gravity level that pulls them down is unfair. Unchain yourself from any type of bondage without destroying your will power. There is success after the experiment or experience with any substance abuse. From crack to smack (heroin), eliminate it all!

Book of No Lies
Leaders in the world: learn to disarm yourself to make things right in life. Within the first 4-5 years we start arming ourselves as a child, but some adults do not know how to stop so for them here is help. The unity of life that comes with the independence that creates separation within nations of the world can come together with love. We all have to outgrow our displacement of reality from the top with the leadership to the bottom of the least of people who make things work in unity to end any kind of towerism with faith and belief that all families are taken care of by the leaders and shepherds who are appointed to fulfill the needs of the multitudes of people with love and not be one of the greedy and selfish, that can end.

A Manifestation of Miracles
This is a real May Day that was completed on May 1, 2017. It is written to help guide people, all around the world, away from violence while protesting on this and any date. It is a proposition for change that can help bind people together. I was assigned to present it to make it known as it is and was needed. How clear this has been made for us!

Calm during the Storm
This book is a plan for a speedy recovery for our nation’s illnesses. It has been created through a spiritual development to give a state of peace to people who feel disenchanted with America’s leadership. We all can participate in this endeavor to exercise in this fortunate way of creating and accepting blessings. What man means for negative, God uses for positive.

Spiritual Skills Learning Program
This is a program to enlighten young people to graduate from a negative state of existence that can keep them incarcerated and prevent them from being incarcerated through the development of this program.

A Trojan Horse of Peace
If you describe a person or thing as a Trojan horse you mean that they are being used to hide someone’s true purpose or intentions. A Trojan Horse of peace is the reversal of the traditional Trojan horse of war. A Real Trojan Horse that is sent in for peace so we can lay down the armor that has to be retranslated. Could this Trojan horse be the chosen horse? This methodology is to let the real soldiers of fortune get lose in the people too by way of what comes out of the horse power that won’t run wild but free.

A Preventive Measure to help Stop Manmade Disasters
(A way to save multitudes of people from harm)
The purpose of this book is to show a way to stop some of the manmade disasters that the USA is heading for in the near future in order to not throw away and/or shortchange ourselves from God’s blessings and not lose others in ways to cause destruction.

​The Silver Lining of the 45th President

This book is a harvest of peace that helps to stop a part of the social evils that take place in the crime-ridden society of the USA. It reflects on the government and its past that depicts both combining the Vietnam War and Watergate with an emphasis on the GPTSD that causes some people to feel like they are being water-boarded and left out.

How can you help? Go to www.boundtoheaven.org; purchase books at Amazon.com or Createspace store, search Bro. Tracy Bush

To the Public at Large; I Need Help!
This is an outline of a problem the publishing ministry is having

The first time I got taken I had no proof, I let it get by me but not this time! But the last time I got taken for my money and got no books I decided to fight back

What is the truth or the real reason why an author who has written books to help improve the lives of people can’t be given what he has order? The book he wrote titled, Calm During the Storm, Fixing What’s Broken in America by Stopping Towerism, A Peace Offering for the People and the Police, A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at the RNC, The Recovery of the U.S. Government, The Power of Knowing “No”, The Unwounding of U.S. Service Men and Women, What’s Going On?, To and For All Law Enforcement, The Disconnection of Extremism, Ending Political Wars in America, A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America, “The Devil Passed Me By”, A Disciple Maker, and Ending Spiritual Warfare in America. They were ordered on February 8, 2017, with an original arrival date of March 15, 2017. They were paid at for at the time the order was placed, but every time they said the books would arrive, they have not. I have tried to work with them.

This has been going on since February 2017. I have been waiting for the books, that I wrote (and put online for others to buy) and paid Amazon for.

That is why I am stuck in a somewhat rut about this I need help to stop them from not giving what is due to me I am on a mission to help save any part of the world I can. This has cost him an undetermined amount of income from the loss of promoting the books also with the fact of how many others can’t get the books if they wanted them? Can anyone help to bring justice to this cause? If you can, please help.

Do the business people of Amazon.com have the right to not honor their authors? It is time to let Amazon know how they should not hurt the dreams of anyone who looks up to them to get their books out to be accessible to someone who may be in need of it.

It may seem like I have a problem when I keep putting up new books and I am getting the same results. I may be stuck like chuck for the first time thinking of luck but it has got nothing to do with it because I have paid dues for years. The new books are named The Book of No Lies, How to Live With Less and Gain More and All Peoples Handbook.

If the books could have come to light before now they could have helped the people in the political arena to come to a new state of thinking. Look at the way the president has been acting because of him and others being trumpatized, the ones who are stuck on trumpitis and need a trumpectomy. That is explained in the book Fixing What is Broken in America by Stopping Towerism. This guide helps people in high places and those who look up to them. 

Now this is just the trip of an iceberg that is lying in wait to be uncovered. It can help the country whether the storms that may come up in the state of our nation that can help to fix the unseen warfare that is an in-house problem in congress. I need not say more reading about it can be repaired.

One of the goals is getting people to take a chance to read the books to help stop the crooks before they get started and stop the ones that are already in the wrong land of doing things. Find its place even if we as a people have to impeach the president that I don’t think will have to go down as a tower falling because the USA could be hit hard like the twin towers from that. The one thing this wisdom can share is how to maintain damage control over issues that our government has created as a people of the USA. My opinion is that people need to hear the messages that the Lord has prepared for you now rather than waiting till later.

To get off of the beaten path or think outside the box, if we can save face in the world to not look like a nation of people who have lost a part of mankind’s common good. That starts at home and goes abroad to help people stop harming themselves and others.

I ask for help to get to the bottom of why they are treating me the way they have. Is it because they don’t like what I have written about? If so, is this stopping a constitutional law of free speech? I have given you the names of the books they are holding back from me. I wrote them and had to pay for them. They put them up on their business site to sell and I guess they are not but they are hurting me and my income from me not having my books or products to show others and promote them so others can get them also.

This helps me earn a living that I have been missing out on. I have had faith in the Amazon business but it has become a disappointment. It has me somewhat down and that is not good since I try to help people pick themselves up and have a better than good chance at life. I have no other way of producing the books as I could before and I thought this would be good for all.

Now where is the justice in what I am receiving from them? If you know what I can do to get them to do the right thing to help me help others, please let me know. God knows we all can use a little more love.

                                                                           A cry comes out of the wilderness

This is a part of the equipment that goes along with the book and its understanding that is titled, How to Live With Less and Gain More in life noting especially staying away from the temptation of becoming a towerist. Who else could have been denied the right to learn something that could have been a life-saving process of growth?

In spite of the injustices done to me, I have faith that somehow things will work out and I have plans to put up my next work, a book to help people develop spiritual skills. This will go great along with my teaching some people how to become sky chief disciples. It has been a development that came about out of two of the books mentioned above.

Bro. Tracy E. Bush,
A servant to mankind in the name of the Lord

                                                                                    Welcome to God's Best Writers' List

                                                                                               All books are non-fiction                                                                                          
Is one of the most prolific and diversified writers in Cleveland, Ohio or the country and even the world named Tracy E. Bush? He has completed over 40 books. The spiritual writings are some of the most timeless books that work with people to help make them and other people in the world rejuvenated on a holistic level to help the growth of humanity and continue to develop an edge using wisdom that gives foresight to succeed under all kinds of challenges.

                                                                                     List of Books

1.     The Shattered Stem                                                                                 $15.95              4.73                  $20.68  
2.     Save Yourself From Suicide                                                                   $12.95             4.50                  $17.45  
3.     Time To Stop The Abuse                                                                       $18.95              4.97                  $23.92  
4.     Why Do Most Marriages & Relationships Fail                                   $ 5.95               1.46                  $7.41     
5.     A Kaleidoscope Of Knowledge                                                              $ 2.95               1.23                  $4.18     
6.     Little Mr. Fix-A-Thought                                                                       $ 2.95               1.23                  $4.18     
7.     Freedom From Satan’s Zone                                                                 $21.95              5.20                  $27.15  
8.     A Message From The Word                                                                  $24.95              5.43                  $30.38  
9.     What Two Can Easily Do                                                                      $ 8.95               1.69                  $10.64  
10.  For Men Only                                                                                          $ 2.95               1.23                  $ 4.18   
11.  Do Not Shortchange Yourself                                                                $ 4.95               1.38                  $ 6.33    
12.  Do Not Fear The Water                                                                          $ 3.95               1.31                  $ 5.26    
13.  A Crown For Kings And Queens                                                           $ 2.95               1.23                  $ 4.18
14.  A Calling To Become Watchmen For God                                          $ 1.95               1.15                  $ 3.10    
15.  To The New Wise Men                                                                           $ 1.95               1.15                  $ 3.10 
16.  Time To Stop Living On The Edge                                                     $ 7.95               2.62                  $10.57  
17.  A Gift For You                                                                                          $ 1.95               1.15                  $ 3.10
18.  New Added Protection For Development Of                                    $17.95              4.89                  $22.84  
      Teens And Young Adults At Risk

 The following books are available for purchase online at Createspace store (paperback) or Amazon.com (eBook):    

19. A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at the RNC                                        $5.43/8.43
20. The Recovery of the U.S. Government, The Power of Knowing “No”                 $5.69/8.60
21. The Unwounding of U.S. Service Men and Women                                                $5.38/8.38
22. What’s Going On?                                                                                                         $5.70/8.70
23. To and For All Law Enforcement                                                                               $6.00/9.00
24. The Disconnection of Extremism                                                                              $6.95/9.95
25. Ending Political Wars in America                                                                               $5.75/8.75
26. A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America              $5.75/8.75
27. Fixing What is Broken in America by Stopping Towerism                                    $6.79 /9.79
28. “The Devil Passed Me By”                                                                                            $6.25/9.25
29. A Disciple Maker                                                                                                           $7.45/10.45
30. Ending Spiritual Warfare in America                                                                        $6.50/9.50
31. A Peace Offering for the People and the Police                                                       $10.95/15.95
32. Why Do Black Men Harm Each Other More Than Others?                                 $9.95/12.95
33.  Broken Needle – Shattered Stem                                                                              $10.95/15.95
34.  Calm During the Storm                                                                                               $5.95/8.95
35.  Book of No Lies                                                                                                              $5.38/8.38
36.  How to Live With Less and Gain More                                                                     $7.38/10.38
37.  A Manifestation of Miracles                                                                                         $5.38/8.38
38.  A Trojan Horse of Peace                                                                                              $7.38/10.38
39.  Spiritual Skills Learning Program                                                                             free w/program
40.  All Peoples Handbook                                                                                                  $20.95/$23.00
41.  A Preventive Measure to Help Stop Manmade Disasters                                      $5.38/8.38

42. The Silver Lining of the 45th President                                                                     $7.95/0.95

**hard copy sold out - only available at Amazon.com as eBook $3.99
The latest book added to the family at Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries is titled, To and For All Law Enforcement. It has been put together especially for you! Cleveland, Ohio can give the world a positive sight to see at the RNC! This book is a plan to help assure success at the activities surrounding the upcoming RNC. This is the 24th Helper! The price is $6.00.

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