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                                                                    The Time is Here to Stop the Fear!

Please help us promote this with your social media skills. Time sensitive information has to get out as soon as possible, to inform anyone attending the RNC of its importance. This will help give a break to police and medical providers. We can create miracles with these preventive measures to keep people and property in Cleveland safe. We can stop the process of pain to help keep the healing process of growth going in our City.

The following books are available for purchase at (hard copy) or (ebook):

A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at the RNC by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
This book gives the process of elimination that comes from breaking down fear. This will stop Satan from creating confusion in people, and bring fear to its lowest denominator to make it disappear. Bro. Bush , b.k.a. a peacemaker, is breaking down fear and raising the level of peace to create an ounce of faith...

The Recovery of the U.S. Government, The Power of Knowing "No" by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
Help to renew this land of milk and honey with the endowed forces of positivity. Help raise the conscious awareness of America's political system.

To and For All Law Enforcement by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
This book is a part of a plan to help assure the success at the activities surrounding the upcoming RNC. Do not judge it by its size, because it has a way to take a big bite out of crime.There is a process of two dimensions of thinking a person can grow into within this manual. One is the information for the...

What's Going On? by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
The book brings landmarks back to the forefront of the people of Cleveland, such as the Sidaway Bridge and the only waterfall in Cleveland, Ohio. It takes the dark side of the Kingsbury Run murders and places hope on one day stopping this kind of madness. The book is a challenging read that develops insight...

A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America! by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
This was written to apply love to anyone that will complete their character change within from the beginning until the completion.We have taken the burn out of the burn. At Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries, we have retooled anyone to help put a wrench in the plans Satan has to rain down on the RNC with...

Ending Political Wars in America by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
The country is in the process of regenerating its stability to become a part of the "now" generation and future generations to come. We have been lacking in our own selves as individuals with the wrong kind of perceptions of growth. Now we can accomplish much more if we learn how to discontinue the...

Fixing What is Broken in America By Stopping Towerism by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
A problem whose time has come to address, that will aid big in the recovery of the U.S.A., in all private sectors of business levels and the government. This book helps assure that the people who live and vote get the best civil servant they can in the elected office to serve within the governing body, by...

"The Devil Passed Me By" by Bro Tracy E. Bush
In times of trouble what is a likely thing to happen? The devil steps in to wage war against people. If we don't know how he does this, we will fall into a deeper trap. That is why we need to learn how to take charge of our lives as the Lord wants us to. This will cause the devil to pass us by. Learn this for...

Ending Spiritual Warfare in America by Bro. Tracy E. Bush
For anyone who needs to understand how to not get involved in a dilemma of principals that are developed on the dark side of reality that can get you trapped and caught up in a function of fiction. It may not seem real at the time but it can cause deadly harm to anyone who falls prey to it. Learn to not fight...

How can you help? Go to; purchase books at or Creatspace store, search Bro. Tracy Bush


                                                                          †††   STOP THE KILLING   †††

 For purposes of addressing one of the latest problems at hand today that we can work together to resolve, I am continuing this website with this information. It is a profile of a part of the problems that are happening in life today. The Lord is demanding that we help to resolve the problem of excessive killing.

                                                               To Know How to Stop Killing People;
                                                                  Know How to Start Loving People

It is truly time that we give the law enforcement agencies a break from all the arresting they have been doing. Will this help I know, how about you? To know to stop the killing of police and people get a copy of A Peace Offering for the Police and the People. This book is currently available as an eBook, on Amazon com. There is a forerunner to the book (see “Products” for description, cost and how to order).

The hellos are to all who are interested in seeing whether they have been spiritually fractured in any way that one of the books in this library of knowledge can help you get out or stop you from going into a darker state of being.

The book decreases the chance of some people becoming radicalized. Detraumatize in life in so many ways.

Police are here to help and not to harm. As of 7/10/2015, one half of police in Cleveland don’t have body cameras. Now to help with the problem that police and people are having, we have named it the void-noid. It can be stopped. Then people can get a new level of rational thinking where you can hear the Lord. 


Don’t be your own button and or trigger pusher. To avoid the void-noid sin-drome, police can learn not to get on the wrong side of the law if they may have the tendency.

Some could say I am a work in progress with the books I have written I say if you think this you are right. That is why I ask you to work with me. I am not a professional at everything but I give it my all and then some to do the best I can at sharing my gift.

At this time the web sit has been done by myself and in house staff. I can’t afford to have it done professionally, by people who can get it to the way most people would like it. Therefore, I ask you to bear with me once again. I am ready to move forward with the love I have to share with all on paper.

Again, from Bro. Bush, I have been authoring for over 40 years. Here is what I have to offer you to help create more love.

It is with a heavenly heart I share this with you because in the beginning there was no sin or sin nature in mankind. It was birthed into the world because of Satan. That is why going from innocence to grieving is no fun and people need to know how not to go there as it is shown in the word of God. Therefore, the books are for anyone who has a part time understanding of the word of God in the Bible, to help us, and take the confusion away from the confused.

At Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries, we are committed to spiritual guidelines to help all people see the way out of darkness and to help free them from bondages of all kinds.

 A breakthrough can be made by studying the ways to come out of a state of actions that creates fault in one’s self that has to be replaced with faith in order to outgrow negative traits. It is not the easy way for those who may be afflicted with it. It is just a way created by the Lord out of no way that people go. The inner workings of curing a sickness caused by a spiritual Asperger dilemma, is a presence of sin undercover, being revealed.

                                      This is the Tale of Two Plans: One belongs to the Lord the other to Man!

                                                                       What Really Made the RNC Successful?

Who was the most effective or are they equally responsible for peace at the RNC. I have a quote it goes: “The best way to win a war is to be prepared for peace!”

Now did the prayers of a few avail over many? We may never know but it does make people think!

I will try to make this as brief as possible. I hope you will be able to fill in the blanks. I have been called to bring forth the wisdom of the Lord that applies to people’s lives in order to create peace. The fact that before the City of Cleveland was chosen to host the RNC, the plans were put in place for me to give all people a way to see out of their fear and darkness about the terror and harm and destruction that could have taken place. The messages that I was given had been placed in kiosk billboards as well as flyers that were passed out throughout the City that was made available free to the public. I also placed ads in the Cleveland Plain Dealer to help spread the word. All of this effort was paid for solely by me. The messages presented the books that have been written to deliver a spirit of peace to the City and people. The material was developed within the books:

To and For All Law Enforcement (the 24th Helper)
A Peace Offering for the People and the Police
A Promise to Help Prevent Violence at Protests and Rallies in America!
A Guide to Stop Fear and Prevent Problems at the RNC

The 24th helper was received by so many law enforcement agencies who were in Cleveland from throughout the country. They expressed much gratitude for these messages being present before and during the RNC. This was a sign of love that they shared with me that I will never forget as long as I live.

With the books that were put in place, the messages helped create peace inside and outside of the RNC.

There will be a documentary made about this and released before the end of the year. What is the best way to understand this? It is to just accept this for what it is!

These messages for peace began well over a year prior to Cleveland being selected as the city to host the RNC, when they were sent out to hundreds of agencies and groups to inform them of the presence of peace in the City of Cleveland that we wanted to share.

I had the privilege of being a part of a march and rally that featured Cornell West as speaker. This occurred during the week prior to the beginning of the RNC. I thank Dr. West for his words of encouragement and willingness to give me one on one time.

Now that this has come to pass, we can say that out of the individuals who received the material along with prayers, this may have played a great part in God’s plan to keep us safe from harm and destruction along with the fact of deterring terrorists from wanting to create destruction to lives and property.

I am only one man who is trying to fulfill the Lord’s plan. If anyone is interested in understanding this better, they can still receive the information. It was made free to the public and I am thankful to all of those who received it because they are the ones who helped produce the fruits of this harvest of blessings.

I took these messages throughout downtown Cleveland during the RNC on large posters. There were hundreds of photos taken, interviews given as well as hundreds of flyers passed out. This effort took months of preparation and finances that I had no help with, but I personally feel it was worth it. I hope everyone else does also because we all make up a part of the body of Christ.

After all of the goings on, what is one of the last questions people ask about me? Am I a Godly man who subconsciously disconnected the people in the City, during the RNC, from having spiritual warfare? If it took place, it may have gotten physical and would have attracted the element of people with terrorist agendas that they would have wanted to put into action. All I can say is only the Lord knows for sure because I do what I do in the name of the Lord. This was done to help take the fight out of the atmosphere on a level of no sight but faith may only be done by the Lord. You have to know what it is and what the Lord can and will do about it before hand.

It is not a time or thing you can wait for to happen and then think it can be stopped because of mankind’s will, that can lead him into a trap. This is evident when the other places that the Republican candidates went that was not aware or prepared to deal with a kind of hellish presence that came out but I was aware, prepared and knew what to do and taught others.

What do I say about this? The change of time has brought a way of ending this kind of violence and now there are those who can get others prepared to succeed in a spiritual war when one comes again, knowing only the Lord is the one to fight the battle. They know to rely on him to do this and win for us is all good. This is a great part of our history.

What is the best way to understand this? It is to just accept it for what it is. There will be a declaration of understanding this statement of love that God has brought forth this year. This was a presence of love he shared with me that I shared with others to create peace.

Can or should we consider me one of Cleveland’s ambassadors of peace or a sky-chief who clears the air of spiritual battles or wars before they fall upon the people in the land we live in?

I am not tooting my own horn. I am only stating facts. This is a note to share from a sky chief to help create a different kind of spiritual peace from God that comes along with a part of my Native American heritage.

Can we say that all of the books that have been authored by me have a positive way of change to serve people? Only the readers can answer that question.

Your talent is needed to help promote this ministry; as a personal note at times, I felt like a David who went against the giant of an evil kind where I had to make the devil out of a liar to complete this task. I feel so blessed to have been a help in building an arena of love with and for people.

How does one come to know the unknown? It is with love!

The more who know the more this shows. I have also tried to express this for the DNC. Thank you for your interest to my story.  

Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries is thankful to all other agencies/organizations who gathered to ensure the success of peace during the time of the RNC. Additionally, I would like to personally express my gratitude to the following publications for supporting this endeavor through their respective media outlets: Ulysses Glen of Eastside Daily News, Kush Israel of the Call & Post and the staff at Neighborhood News. Finally, I would like to thank my longtime friend, Michael Dudley, Councilman in Garfield Heights, who gave me a speaking platform at the Council Meeting on July 11, 2016. That meeting is currently being aired on the local cable station for the City of Garfield Heights.

For further information, you can review the website,

Philippians 4:17
Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.

Acts 20:24
But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

                                                   At times it only takes one to not fear what the Lord can do through you!

There may come a time when you are chosen by the Lord to pay a price that has seemingly insurmountable odds that you can look forward to, when those around you may think you are off your rocker.

There is a charge that sometimes the Lord puts on people’s hearts that may require them to put forth their faith in him in a mighty way, in order for him to show you and others what he does out of his love for all of his people.

This course one does not completely know at first what they may believe in that guides them in a direction. But it is developing as they grow until it comes to be a part of their life’s journey. The way to know that you are seeing the presence of growth is by the seeds that have been planted in you without rejecting them no matter the trials and tribulations because your testimony gives a way to the light of the tales of wisdom you have to share with the world as a whole, part of the body of Christ be they believers or not.

That is why to know this thing you have to show this to others in the work you do for the body of Christ. Therefore, as you are placed in line with the will of the father to allow him to do what it is he has in mind, you will do your best to try to become as one with him.

This is a way to show your faith along with the labor that comes along with the charge he has given you as a blessing to share and show to others.

To take it up to a new presence of what he is still doing for and with his earthly family to note that I see the daylight of the non-violent system because I helped put the Lord’s wishes into the faith that he gave back to me and to his people in a way that may seem unusually different.

I even went as far as proposing a bet that I would be personally responsible for to both mayors, police chiefs and other official of each host city for the political conventions but I gave my city the edge of winning the bet, Philly subs against corned beef sandwiches. No one took me up on it. As you know Cleveland, Ohio has already won. I hope you find the rest of the information in the website to your liking.

Who may the worse kind of person in a case scenario? The person who knows but does not want to show up to do a thing about the presence of helping others and themselves.

What are some of the people’s biggest problems with talking to the Lord? They think they have to get prepared. We do not so just open your heart and let the words out.

The price I had to pay to do what I have been called to do has been a joy!

                                                                                                      The Truth

We should not use anyone whose tower of babble is so high it would put Nimrod to shame!

                                                                                       To Whom It May Concern

As far as the task I just completed in the body of Christ, it is or should be   the   stepping strong to further the pursuit to a better life for all people.

I have many venues that I had created before the process of showing people how to become aware of themselves as protesters about government issues. Prior to the process to elect a new president, I have been trying to address issues concerning the young people in America.   

The children and youth of the world have always had my attention on their lives and how the work I do can help them develop to make them an important part of society to give them a way out of themselves and that they feel trapped in that may lead them down the wrong road. Within the foundation of their lives they may need help to grow up to find their greatness. That has always been the mission I have been on to help them to help themselves to make the world a better, brighter and more blessed place to be.

So I now move forward in the loving care of the work I do for the love of humanity.

Best wishes to all!
Bro. Bush